Filigree Christmas Ornament

polymer clay filigree Christmas ornament

A filigree Christmas ornament handcrafted using polymer clay is showcased today.

Making a filigree Christmas ornament takes time and patience.  Amber Elledge of Greensboro, North Carolina has mastered the art of polymer clay filigree. The clay is first squeezed through an extruder into long ropes.  The ropes are then coiled and attached to a glass ornament base.

Amber has an extensive collection of filigree Christmas ornaments.

You can find her work on Flickr and in her Etsy shop, Starless Clay.   Browse through her work and enjoy her use of color and design. I love the pastel colors and design on our showcased ornament.

Amber lives in Greensboro, NC , a city I know well.  For 30 years, every Thanksgiving weekend, I sold my ornaments at  the Craftsmen’s Christmas Classic Art & Craft Festival.   The show is produced by Gilmore Enterprises.  The Gilmores are wonderful show promoters.

Be sure to visit Amber’s shop!  A filigree Christmas ornament would look beautiful on your tree.




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